There’s a new addition to the popular East Coast Road dining belt! It serves hearty dishes in a cosy and casual environment which makes it great for group dining.

Anchovy Fries


Apart from their truffle fries, they have something more unique – a combination of crispy anchovies and garlic mayo.

Paprika Candied Bacon Chips


The super sweet “ang moh” version of our ‘bak kwa.’

Summer Panzanella


This tomato and bread salad is as refreshing and tangy as it looks.

Turkey + Porketta with Crackling

S$30 + S$30

When the roasts came out, it felt like Christmas all over again. Aromatically infused with thyme and rosemary and finished with a cider glaze, the whole turkey, paired with creamy mash as sides, can easily satisfy a party of five to six.

Turkey + Porketta with CracklingAlso known as ‘Porchetta‘, this is an traditional Italian dish not commonly seen Singapore. (You can read up about how it’s prepared in Wiki.) The accompanying crackling is so crispy it made loud snapping sounds with every cut.

Their signature roast changes every week, and if you think one whole portion is too much, you can order the ‘Carvers Plate’ made up of different roast meats that’s reasonably priced at S$25.

On a daily basis, there are also “specials” that aren’t on the menu.

Wagyu Beef served with Caramelized Onions and Garlic Confit


This grade 6 ‘Wagyu’ is one of these specials and it was a generous portion for two. Juicy juicy beef went so well with the onions, garlic and rocket.

Warm Fruit Crumble


Sweet blackberry crumble to finish off the meal.

Carvers & Co

7.4Overall Score

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