Waffle SlayerA sister cafe of Strangers’ Reunion specialising in waffles (as obvious as the name sounds), but done in a bolder and more twisted ways.

We realised that people with less adventurous taste buds usually wouldn’t appreciate their flavours.

Passionfruit White Chocolate Buttermilk Waffle

S$14.90 nett

A refreshing dessert waffle topped with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, grated coconut and drizzled with passionfruit sauce. Yummy!

Squid Ink Waffle with Dijon Maple Bacon

S$18.90 nett

Sounded like the weirdest combination (of bacon, ice cream pistachio tuile and parsley on a squid ink waffle) ever but it turned out to be truly toothsome. It was an ironic delicious mix of warm and cold, salty and sweet, and black and white hahaha. Undeniably the most unique waffle we had thus far.

Waffle Slayer

6.6Overall Score

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