Since the central outlet in Millenia Walk has closed down, Saboten is only available all the way in the east at Changi Airport. However, about two months ago, Saboten landed at IMM. Good news for the west-siders.

CabbageGoma (sesame) dressing and cabbage goes best.


There are a total of 18 set meals that are only available at the IMM outlet.

Katsu Supreme with Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Gozen


A set to feed two pax. Love their cod fillet but I didn’t really enjoyed the ‘Beef Shabu Shabu‘, which reeked of a strong meat smell.

Hotate and Aka Ebi Mentai & Mini Tenderloin Katsu Gozen


I prefer this set that came with sashimi, scallops and prawn mentai.

KatsuAbove everything, the Katsu is still their main star. To ensure quality, Saboten imports fresh pork from Indonesia daily and breadcrumbs all the from Japan.

Katsu SaucePair these juicy cutlets beautifully with their freshly ground sesame seeds and signature Tonkatsu sauce.


6.9Overall Score

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