Le Comptoir is like le place for le crêpes – and we’re talking about authentic French crêpes by French people. Donning a light and chic look by day and vibrant and chill atmosphere by night, it’s hard to miss this corner restaurant/bar along Circular Road.

Apple Pink Dry Cider + Pear Dry Cider

S$8 + S$7

Refined smooth ciders accompanied by great music.

Ham & Cheese, Prosciutto & Pears, Chicken & Lemon, Smoked Duck & Orange


These bite-sized crêpes comes in a platter of ingeniously shapes (mini samosas, rolls and tartines) and are available in either sweet or savoury, which makes them perfect to share before or after meal.

Ménage à 5


Ménage à trios in French means threesome, so you can say that ‘Ménage à 5‘ is like a “fivesome” of the five most classic ingredients a crêpe can ever have – Emmental cheese, ham, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes. The beautifully browned crêpe batter is made of buckwheat flour which has a lovely slight bitter aftertaste.

However being traditional didn’t stop the chefs from exploring a myriad of fusion flavours, and some that instantly caught our eyes were namely, ‘Vietnam Calling (Vietnamese ‘Kao San Road,’ ‘Kanpai!’ ASIANS ha!

Kao San Road


Boy were we surprised that this Thai-inspired flavour was carried off well – pan-fried prawns, tomatoes, garlic, soya mango chutney and mint.

For desserts, you can end off with more (wheat) crêpes in sweet style.

PS I Love You


Elegantly paired with a mini glass of champagne.



Love their monthly special crêpe crowned with Mascarpone cheese and fresh berries.

Le Comptoir

8.5Overall Score

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