Seeing the range of different Laksas available, we were spoilt for choice and decided to order four bowls to share (among two pax). Judging from the price of S$4.90 for regular and S$8.50 for jumbo, we were expecting the former to be of a very small portion.

But we were so wrong, the regulars were already very substantial for one adult’s complete dinner. We ate them anyway.

Sarawak Laksa

S$4.90 (Regular)

Highly anticipated but most disappointing or perhaps we weren’t used to their prawn and chicken broth.

Laksa Goreng

S$4.90 (Regular)

Lovely fried and dry version of our local laksa.

Kelantan Laksa

S$4.90 (Regular)

The ‘Kelantan Laksa’ has a unique taste and colour, which is derived from yellow ginger and generous amounts of fish meat.

Penang Laksa

S$4.90 (Regular)

Clear fish and assam-based laksa with no coconut milk – however, this is way far off the traditional Penang standard.

Albeit the mediocre quality of food, Laksania is still a F&B chain with good heart that we’d personally support. They adopted a mission of social enterprise and employ people who have been marginalised by their mental or physical disability in their Central Kitchen, and almost no businesses in their right profit mind will do that.


6.5Overall Score

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