A true hipster cafe with no proper signage, door, nor renovation – just some cellophane looking plastics to act as walls; I’m surprised how they got discovered in the first place, but that’s how hipster places function. Like who knew Chye Seng Huat Hardware (a stone’s throw away btw) isn’t a real hardware store when it first opened its doors in 2012? Only hipsters knew.

Brave Begedil

S$17 nett

Cappuccino + Lavender Latte

S$4.50 nett + S$5.50 nett

Of all the flavoured coffees, this ‘Lavender Latte’ hit the jackpot. It leaves you picturing yourself wandering in a lavender field, and it didn’t taste syrupy at all.

The Bravery

6.1Overall Score

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