That Coffee PlaceNope, this isn’t some coffee specialty cafe. To put in more literal terms, it means ‘coffeeshop,’ but in an independent air-conditioned environment.

They sell day-to-day food from kaya toast sets (with local coffee); to chicken rice, wanton mee, nasi lemak; to tze char. Makes a good fuss-free eating place for families residing in Sengkang / North-East area.

Crisp-fried Fish Skin


Crispy and not oily. Nice!

Curry Fish Head

S$22 (Medium)

Mushroom Trio with Clams


Claypot soup that comes with an egg and a bowl of rice – perfect for one or for sharing. You can’t see the clams ’cause they’re all at the bottom but they made soup stock very sweet.

Wasabi Crystal Prawns

S$15 (Small)

One of my favourites.

Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion

S$15 (Medium)

Spinach with Garlic

S$12 (Medium)

All in all, the tze char seen a huge improvement compared to my first visit two years ago.

That Coffee Place

6.3Overall Score

3 Responses

  1. Jake

    Staff is really rude to customers, food isn’t that good. One of the staff actually even gave a customer food that other customer rejected. That’s nonsense

    • customer

      The staffs are really rude… we wanted to order a.smaller portion and the staff just said “its maddening in chinese and we.understand what she said. She charge us a large portion amount.

  2. Ex-regular customer

    This used to be my frequent weekly haunt. I’ve have almost always waxed lyrical about the food and the service.

    Unfortunately, both food and service has hit rock bottom of late. Simply terrible. Although some of the younger staff are still earnest in assisting you when something is wrong, the older ones are nonchalant to the stage where they are just downright rude.

    If you hate feeling being disappointed when having anything as important as a meal of the day, I can only advise that you avoid this place. I for one certainly will never patronise them again.


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