Do drop by the Or Tor Kor Market before doing your shopping at Chatuchak weekend market. (It’s just directly beside!)

Owned by the Marketing Organization for Farmers องค์การตลาดเพื่อเกษตรกร, Or Tor Kor Market offers fresh produce and food in a clean and organised environment. No doubts that it is the best in local standards and top 10 in world’s rankings.



Luk ChupAlso known as ‘Look Choop,’ these colourful looking “fruits” are actually a kind of traditional dessert made using mung bean.

Hor MokThe Thai version of otak, only creamier, richer, and tastier.

Mango Sticky RiceJuicy sweet mangoes with sticky glutinous rice.

Barbequed Bananas

Crab Legs with Thai ChilliFresh crab legs paired with piquant power Thai chilli; it was indeed the best find in the market!

Pig Trotters RiceNot as fatty as I imagined.

Custard Lava BunYeah, they do have it there as well.

Or Tor Kor Market ตลาด อ.ต.ก.

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