Though Singapore was once British ruled, we have hardly heard or speak of British cuisine here. The Royal Mail is one of the rare restaurants that serves up unique modern British cuisine with an emphasis on roasts and prime rib. Housed within Ascott in the busiest business district, an after-work dinner there was surprisingly a relaxed one.

Starter BreadBread so flavourful that it can exist on its own.

Lightly Seared Beef Tenderloin


Beef slices are pan seared similar to Japanese Tataki, and they went perfectly well with all the little toppings – quail egg, salmon roe, macadamia crumbs, etc.

Pan Seared Foie Gras


Generous slab of creamy foie gras to go with camembert cheese. What more can I ask foie?

Deboned Fish of the Day


And the sea bass was the “fish of the day” – a whole 700g roasted to feed two.

Roast Prime Rib: The Classic Cut


Even by the looks of it, you can tell that this dish is a winner. Available in three different portions – 200g, 280g, and 340g, we picked the middle ‘Roast Prime Rib’ prepared medium rare. The sides get along well with the juicy slab of meat – sauteéd brussels sprouts, molten blue cheese (that wasn’t overpowering), Yorkshire pudding, roast whole garlic, pine nuts and veal jus.

Lobster Linguine


Al dente pasta topped with enticing but almost tasteless squid ink foam.

Chocolate Fondant


I’ve encountered quite a number of failed chocolate fondant / lava cakes recently, and seeing one with oozing chocolate warmed my heart :’)

Eton Mess


A beautiful mess of meringue, strawberries, hazelnuts, salted caramel, and the fluffy cream that held everything together. It’s hard not to see why ‘Eton Mess’ is their signature dessert.

Banoffee Tart


Another light dessert to conclude the heavy meal gracefully.

The Royal Mail

8.6Overall Score

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