Happy 2014 all! 2013 had been good and this year, we’ll aim for more frequent updates, and even larger photos. I hope the new layout is working for you ;)

Kilo at Pact

Baby Eggplant


Love love love this. Strongly recommended by the staff and us after trying. The combination of baby eggplant, tempura bits, marscapone cheese, and donbori sauce resulted in a magical explosion of flavours.

Salmon Sushi + Crispy Chicken Skin


Squid Ink Pasta


Popular dish and I believe the aesthetics also played a large role in this. Not sure why but there’s a small resemblance of taste to our local ‘Char Kway Teow.’ Nevertheless, it’s worth a try.

Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl


High grade Japanese (Niigata) rice made this bowl highly enjoyable. The tempura batter was also different from the usual, and lesser, so you can taste more of the prawn.

Balsamic Duck


Not bad, but not worth it when Saveur‘s duck confit tastes better at 1/3 of the price.

Kilo at Pact

7.5Overall Score

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