Miam Miam

‘Miam’ is a French slang for ‘yum’, thus Miam Miam translates into something like yum yum.

A quick look at their open kitchen tells us that everything is prepared fresh. We learnt from them that all their chefs were trained to follow a disciplined formula to ensure consistent taste and speed. It’s a Japanese thing here and hence the whole French-Japanese fusion.

Miam Miam SpaghettiFor example, this portion of spaghetti was cooked for exactly 7.5 minutes and the result was a just-nice texture. Spread the egg in for the extra oomph.

Riz Au CurryMy favourite dish was made up with a heap of ingredients – Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli, cheese, egg and rice. Carbs at its best.

Riz Noir Squid Ink RiceAnother favourite. Though it’s a simple dish like omu (black) rice, the rich flavours struck an instant impression. I reckon that the Hokkaido imported squid ink powder does play a part.

Soufflé De NuageA popular dish with a fluffy crown of egg and cheese, and tomato rice beneath. I’m not a big fan of the airy and bubbly texture though.

While all their savoury mains were great, I feel that their desserts do have room for improvement.

Caramelised Banana PancakePancake is a tad hard and dry.

Chocolate MolleauxChocolate lava cake which a centre that doesn’t flow.

Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé + Matcha SouffléSoufflés were the best bet among the desserts, but my photo is a lousy interpretation ’cause I left them for too long and their tops sank.

Matcha LatteMade from Grade 1 matcha, the latte caught my fancy. I asked for no sugar/syrup but was told that it was already premixed. But thankfully it didn’t turns out diabetic.

Miam Miam

7Overall Score

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