Mandarin Oriental: Christmas

Preparing for year-end parties can be a hassle, and being very lazy, I’ll save the trouble and buy festive goodies off the shelves instead.

Mandarin Oriental has quite an extensive and quality range to choose from. Below are some that I’ve tasted.

Homemade Festive Foie Gras TerrineA rich luscious serving for 2 – 4 pax comes with terrine, figs brioche, cranberries jam and onion chutney, with a price tag of $85.

Crispy Pork KnuckleA good balance of crispiness and fatiness.

Roasted Christmas Goose

Traditional Roasted Christmas TurkeyWith corn stuffing, assorted roasted potatoes, festive vegetables, mesclun greens with homemade dressing, accompanied by cranberry sauce and traditional giblet gravy.

Salmon en CrouteMy favourite of the lot is not for takeaways! Enclosed within the filo pastry layers are rice and salmon meat with dill beurre blanc – the unique dish is available at the buffet line of Melt ~ The World Café.

Rsapberry Buche Noel + Mango Buche NoelI’m never a big fan of log cakes but these swept me off my feet. The ‘Raspberry’ one is infused with milk chocolate mousse which complements the sourness of the berries; while the ‘Mango’ tasted light and fruity and is happy to look at. Honestly, I’m torn between which is better.

Other items include pies, cookies, pralines, macarons, ham, beef, etc, with prices ranging from $22 – $380.

Mandarin Oriental

7.2Overall Score

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