Fullhouse Signature

Fullhouse SignatureFrom Rendezvous Hotel, Fullhouse has relocated itself on (seemingly) largers grounds at Clarke Quay, and themed – wedding.

Fullhouse Signature

Fullhouse Signature

Cream of Forest MushroomMushroom soup with a hint of truffle, and truffle always work wonders.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks

Golden Crabmeat BallLove the creamy sauce that came along with these crabmeat balls.

Italian Meatball

Fullhouse RavioliThe raviolis here are a lil’ different – they’re baked till hard at the sides, which kinda made chewing a chore. Fillings and sauce were yummy though.

Braised Lamb ShankThe smell of lamb is the most important to me, and this one passed.

Scallop Aglio SpaghettiYou’ll love this dish if you fancy hearty flavours – spicy and salty spaghetti served with thick chunky scallops.

Grilled Chicken ChopThe main course which I enjoyed most, dipping in raisin black pepper sauce.

Char Grilled Wagyu BeefPaying a steep $49 for their wagyu beef is risky as the doneness can turn into a disaster since it’s served on a hotplate. So be sure not to spend too much time snapping photos away on this cow.

Banana ParadiseThe ang moh goreng pisang served with vanilla ice cream.

Molten Chocolate Cake‘Molten Chocolate Cake’ failed. Where is my lava :(

All in all, Fullhouse Signature is a pretty place to gather, camwhore, and try on their wedding gowns on the racks. And yes, they’re for sale!

Fullhouse Signature

6.5Overall Score

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