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When it comes to delivery, it always seems that we don’t have much choices – pizzas, fast food, sushis, er.. pizzas.

We somewhat know that some other smaller restaurants do delivery as well but it’s such a chore to dig out information from different websites / sources, call to order, blah blah. Your cries are answered by Foodpanda. Not many are aware of their services locally yet, but they’re HUGE overseas.

Basically, all you need to do is enter your postal code on their website, and voila! A whole list of food delivery places appears.

Foodpanda DeliveryFrom location to menu to ratings, Foodpanda encompasses them all.

It’s pretty neat and easy to use, and within minutes, my order was placed and payment made through PayPal (or you can opt for cash on delivery).

Foodpanda DeliveryConfirmation will be sent via both SMS and email, and though the delivery time there stated 80 minutes, it arrived way earlier that.

Foodpanda DeliveryPiping hot North Indian food from Omar Shariff on our table. They even threw in a can of Sprite and papadum for free! It was definitely something different and very yummy, especially their ‘Butter Chicken’ and naans.

Foodpanda also has a rewards system and once you hit five orders, you’ll receive a $15 voucher. Worthy huh? Say hello to more varieties for lazy stay home days!

Foodpanda Delivery

7.2Overall Score

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