Swensen’s: New Dishes

Swensen’s has always been an old school restaurant in my eyes. It is the taste that we grew up with. But recently, they brought in some new fusion-inspired dishes.

Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks

Crispy Cereal King PrawnsFried with their special batter of cornflakes, bread crumbs, and spiced seasoning.

Herb Crusted King Snapper

Spiced Maple Waffle ChickenMy favourite of all, which apparently is one classic dish in America. It sits well in between a main and a dessert, with chilli padi infused maple syrup and butter cream for company.

Salted Gula Melaka + Mango FantasyAnd what’s Swensen’s without ice cream? The Salted Gula Melaka is crafted to go with the snapper, and the Mango Fantasy, the prawn. Other flavours like the Chendol Delight and Merri Mint looked interesting as well, but we didn’t had anymore stomach to try.

Ice CreamIf you like to mix your own ice cream instead, you can do so at their dessert buffet, alongside with lots of toppings and other cakes. The buffet is only available at ION though.


  • Available from now till 31 Oct 2013
  • Islandwide
  • Website
5.8Overall Score

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