{Taiwan: Tainan} Snacking

Mango Pudding Snow IceThe first thing we ate in the crazy hot weather while exploring the Anping 安平 District.

Yong Le MarketRecommended by a local, Yong Le Market 永樂市場 has a lot of authentic 小吃 (snacks) that are exclusive to Tainan.

BBQ Pork Rice

Rice Cake
We had some other snacks like the 阿松割包 Ah Song Gua Bao, winter melon milk, etc along the stretch.

Coffin CakeAnother local delicacy, ‘Coffin Bread 棺材板’ found somewhere near the Chihkan Tower 赤崁樓.

Stir-fried Instant NoodlesPopular and yummy stir-fried instant noodles at 保哥黑轮 (Bao Ge Hei Lun). Another recommendation by a local.

MochiSuper yummy mochi by 麻糬叔叔 at Flower Night Market 花園夜市, which only happens every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

MochiWe took all the flavours – red bean, peanut, mushroom, milk, sesame, taro, coffee, green bean, matcha, coconut, chocolate, black sugar. Bizarre as some may sound, none of them were a letdown. We especially like the mushroom and coffee ones.

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