{Taiwan: Nantou} The Monster Village 溪头妖怪村

The Monster VillageA place where cute monsters, quirky merchandise and weird snacks reside.

Ostrich EggNot sure if those were edible.

Eyeball Tang YuanDefinitely edible, if you don’t mind the death stares.

Ice Cream

Fried Sweet Potatoes

Taiwan BeerThe locals take so much pride in The Monster Village that they even dedicated a special edition of Taiwan Beer to be sold there.

The Monster Village 溪头妖怪村

7.7Overall Score

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  1. Dreamyz


    Care to share how you get there? I had been wanting to visit this place, when i visit Taiwan again.

    Thanks in advance. :)

    • Lazy Foodies
      Lazy Foodies


      From Taichung, go to the Gancheng Bus Station 臺中干城站 and take the tourist shuttle bus heading to Xitou 溪頭. You can buy the tickets from Nantou bus company, or just ask around that whole stretch. The locals would know :)


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