{Taiwan: Changhua} Lukang Township 鹿港鎮

Lukang TownshipIn a small town made up of mostly brick and concrete houses, lies deep-rooted traditions and food that you don’t usually see elsewhere.

Mian Cha‘麵茶,’ which literally translates into “flour tea.”

Mian ChaIt is made using millet flour and served plain on crushed ice, and has a salty taste to it.

Brown Sugar Swirl BunThe handmade buns or ‘pau‘ at 阿振肉包 seemed super popular – the locals are taking them away in boxes!

Spring Onion BunWe felt the sense of urgency and ended up ordering more buns.

Original Meat BunEven the plain ol’ original one.

Taro BallsSome ‘Taro Balls’ from 鹿港王记芋丸 which looks so unappealing..

Taro Ball..and unappetising, but tastes way delicious.

Oyster OmeletteOyster omelette, though found anywhere in Taiwan, is a must-eat at Lukang.

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