Sun Ray Cafe

I’ve known the existence of Sun Ray Cafe for a couple of years, but had never stepped foot in despite frequenting Serangoon Gardens. Their recent renovation definitely attracted more attention. Now it looks much brighter, cleaner, but at the same time, still pet-friendly.

One of the owners, Dave Lim, invited us with a warm welcome and did an in-depth explanation of everything – from the cafe, human food, to even pets’ food.

Do note that all the featured dishes are sized for tasting only.

Oven Baked Escargots

Wild Mushroom SoupTastefully infused with truffle oil.

Confit Spring Chicken

Grilled Strip Loin + Cumin Crusted Lamb RackThe quality of the strip loin was not bad, but the “doneness” was not very consistent throughout the table. I enjoyed the ‘Cumin Crusted Lamb Rack’ though.

Yorkshire Pork RacksThe pork itself had nothing to shout about, but the unique mashed sweet potatoes and homemade apple cider sauce combination accentuated its flavours to a new level.

Seafood RisottoThe balance of the tomato and cream sauce was just nice for me.

CarbonaraIf you like the thick and heavy kind of ‘Carbonara,’ then the one served here isn’t for you. Personally, I found it decent and not too sick.

One main specialty of Sun Ray Cafe is their coffee. It’s surprising as I’d never think that when The Coffee Daily is just two doors down. But as Dave’s talked, I can tell that there is a lot of heart and pride put into the coffee served. Dave had acquired professional certification from the SCAE and his head barista, Shermaine Foong, had been trained under 3 award winning baristas and her standards are known to be very consistent.

LatteBrewed with a their own special blend which involves six types of beans, the latte is rich and fragrant. I approve!

There are also many other interesting methods to bring out the aromas and flavours in different beans.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over CoffeeThe pour over method produced a strong flavour, but could be drank easily on its own.

Siphon CoffeeSiphon, a method made popular by the Japanese, was lighter than the pour over, and even felt feminine. (I don’t really know how you’re supposed to feel gender in coffee but that was what I experienced.)

Cold BrewAnd if I were to use gender to describe coffee again, this would definitely be male, a masculine and matured one. It takes a night to prepare a bottle of ‘Cold Brew’ and the end result is offbeat and robust. Give it a shot if you’ve never tried.

Desserts are essential to end the sumptuous meal.

Homemade Scones

Homemade Tiramisu

Sun Ray Cafe

6.9Overall Score

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