Saint Pierre

It seemed like there was no better way to end the week – relishing a slow breakfast while overlooking Sentosa Cove, basking in the sun rays that shine through the glass windows. It felt luxurious, but in a relaxed and affordable manner.

Homemade Assorted BreadsThe croissants were my favourite! Though I know they’ll fill me up fast leaving lesser stomach space for the rest of the brunch items, I couldn’t help but finished those croissants to the last crust.

Eggs BenedictA classic, with the use of iberico bellota ham and a touch of champagne in the hollandaise.

Beef ParmentierThe mashed was good, but they could have been more generous with the corned beef.

WaffleThis breakfast waffle stood out to me most. With apple compotes and Foie Gras mousse topped on a piece of perfect waffle, the dish turned out to be a whimsical cross of sweet and savoury.

Cheese Platter
Saint Pierre’s brunch happens every Saturday till 3pm, and with shuttle buses going to Quayside Isle now, the Sentosa Cove is no longer as inaccessible as before.

Saint Pierre

8.1Overall Score

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