{Taiwan: Yilan} Eating Clean

Padi FieldsThe Yilan experience is a very unique one.

Organic FarmWe volunteered our labour in an organic farm (through WWOOF Taiwan) in exchange for lodging and food, and the super nice farmer took us around. He farms for leisure and retirement, and because he’s very health conscious, we ended up with a clean diet throughout.

Vegetarian Buffet

LuffaOur first harvest!

On the second day, the farmer’s wife came over and whipped up a meal using most of the vegetables grown in their very own farm.

Homecooked MealAmazing.

Glutinous CornUnique chewy texture.

StrawberriesOrganic stuffs are usually much smaller in size as they’re pesticide-free.

HotpotLunch treat.

BBQDinner treat.

Taro Panna Cotta RollDessert treat from Yi Shun Xuan 奕順軒 that’s too good.

It was a very enriching experience, especially for a food lover like me. Makes me appreciate food even more.

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