{Taiwan: Taipei} Mayu Bistro & Café

If there’s ONE place I’d recommend for desserts in Taipei, it’ll have to be this.

Mayu Bistro & CafeTucked in an alley beside The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), it seemed like that Mayu Cafe is shunning away from large crowds.

Mayu Bistro & CafeThere were only a few slices of cakes left when we arrived in the late afternoon. We learnt that they only make five pieces of each patisserie everyday.

Fromage Cru High Tea SetHonestly one of the best cheesecakes I had thus far. It was so light and refreshing, perfectly paired with two scoops of ice cream and caramelised banana.

Lemon Tart

Mayu Bistro & Café

8.5Overall Score

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