{Taiwan: Taipei} Good Cho’s 好丘

Good ChoA hidden place near Taipei 101 to chill.

Iced Americano


Pumpkin Scone + Salty Cream CheeseThe cream cheese was a separate order, and there were choices like original, sweet and salty to pick from.

BagelsRow of homemade bagels.

Tomato with Chili & Basil BagelInteresting mix of a lil’ spice and a lil’ tanginess, this bagel went well with the ‘Salty Cream Cheese.’

Black Sesame and Brown Sugar BagelThe ‘Black Sesame and Brown Sugar Bagel’ tasted great on its own.

Good ChoGood Cho’s also sells its locally made food and consumer products at at their retail section.

Good Cho’s 好丘

7.6Overall Score

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