{Taiwan: Taipei} Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

The shop opens at 5.30am, and here was the queue when we arrived at 5.50am.

Fu Hang Dou JiangFrom the second floor all the way down to the first. This makes the longest queue I’ve seen in Taipei so far, and they’re mostly locals, which is good.

Fu Hang Dou JiangA peek into the open kitchen. The way they do their 燒餅 (Shao Bing) is like our naan.

Fu Hang Dou JiangAfter a 45-minute wait, here’s what we got – 咸豆漿 (salted soy milk), 豆漿 (sweet soy milk), 油條 (fried fritters), 厚燒餅 (thick roasted flatbread), and 蔥花蛋 (scallion omelette).

Everything was so satisfying especially the 咸豆漿, which tasted a bit like porridge, and the 油條 that is mega crispy. We’re not that a fan of their 厚燒餅 – perhaps the thinner version (薄燒餅) or the ones with fillings would be better.

Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

7.5Overall Score

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  1. Serene

    they don’t open on Mondays! hahaha.. better remove it before somebody goes on a monday and it’s not open! =P


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