{Taiwan: Matsu Islands} Dining

Fish Noodles‘Fish Noodles’ is made from ground fish meat and is a local specialty. We tried our first (and last) at 你饿了吗? at Beigan 北竿 but didn’t like it. Prolly it’s not authentic enough?

Sesame Paste Noodles

Jiguang PieAnother food item unique to Matsu. Basically it’s a bagel baked with charcoal and stuffed with fried eggs (and other ingredients sometimes).

Qinbi VillageNothing fantastic but what’s there to complain when paired with a view like this?

Matsu SnacksEven 7-eleven food rocks by the sea.

We later discovered Zhuanshi Deli 饌食小吃 and it provided for our remaining meals during our stay in Beigan 北竿.

Zha Jiang Mian

Matsu is also famous for brewing their own liquor using glutinous rice, and the side product, ‘hongzao‘, after extraction is a seasoning commonly used for cooking.

Hongzao Fried RiceThis time, ‘hongzao‘ hits the spot. Anything with it is just fragrant and delicious.

Omelette Rice + Hongzao Eel

On a separate day, we hopped over to another island – Nangan 南竿, and made an amazing discovery (as recommended by a local).

Sweet Potato Balls + Iced Drip CoffeeThe ‘Iced Drip Coffee’ at Fu Ren Cafe 夫人咖啡館 is TO DIE FOR. I kid you not. It looks like the most normal cup of thing ever, but the taste, is just.. indescribable. We ordered another serving, and the owner told us that the coffee is imported from Japan. I’m pinning all my hopes there!

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