The Sushi Bar

Scallop MentaiyakiThe first time I had this, I kept ooohing and ahhing with every bite, literally. The way the torched cod roe sauce melds with sweet scallop slices is.. simply.. perfect.

5 Kind SashimiSashimi was pretty average.

Wafu SpaghettiNo fancy ingredients – just generous amounts of cod roe and sauce with thin al dente spaghetti.

Salmon Aburi RollA MUST-ORDER. You can see this dish on every other table. I think the effect is close to Koh Grill’s ‘Shiok Maki.’ I still can’t quite decide which is better actually hahaha.

Tuna Avocado Roll
Despite being tucked in an awkward corner at Far East Plaza, this modest no-frills sushi bar attracts patrons whom seemingly make specific trips to dine there.

The Sushi Bar

7.4Overall Score

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