The Line @ Shangri-La: Spicy Thai

This is totally a dream buffet come true. From the moment I stepped in and started drooling through all the 16 theatrical kitchens, I knew I had crossed the line – the line of self-indulgence.

Seafood Section

Fresh Oysters

Salad Section

Apricto Salmon

Roasted Turkey

Satay and Prata Section

Mango Mousse

Blueberry Tarts
Don’t get excited. That was just a brief introduction.

For all the great food you see above, a significant fraction is owed to resident Chef Ratree Khongthong, whom has been around for as long as the restaurant has been. So in celebration of this soft-spoken talent, The Line will be presenting ‘Spicy Thai’ – where Chef Ratree’s best dishes (a mix of Chiang Mai and Bangkok cuisine) are showcased.

Miang KimMy first time encountering this ‘Miang Kim‘ and I love it!

Miang KimIt is Northern Thai snack where you wrap a variety of savoury items in a leaf. I like mine spicy and refreshing, so I doubled up on the lime, garlic, and chilli padi!

Khaotang Nga ThongThese fried rice crackers went well with anything – minced pork prawn sauce, salted egg spread, chilli jam.

Yam Som O + Yam Woon Sen + Lab GaiFrom front to back, and from the least to most spicy, we have the ‘Yam Som O‘ (white pomelo salad with shallot flake), ‘Yam Woon Sen‘ (spicy glass noodle with poached prawn), and ‘Lab Gai‘ (minced chicken with ground rice and mint leaf). All three made lip-smacking appetisers but I thought that the ‘Yam Som O‘ was most unique with a balance of juiciness and crunchiness.

Hor Mok SouffléSimilar to our local ‘otak-otak‘ – only creamier, softer, less spicy, and sweeter due to the unmatched company of rich coconut sauce.

Tom Yam GoongTom yum soup is CLEARLY my top favourite among all Thai dishes. (Oops, bad pun.) For those who don’t know, clear tom yum soup is more deadly than the thick base (reddish-looking) ones. Not to worry though, the spiciness levels have been adjusted to suit most people.

Kang Khiew Wan GaiSpiked with the aroma of eggplant, this green curry is a must with steamed rice.

Phad Graparao MooAnother must with rice is the popular wok-fried minced pork with basil. Spiciness levels have also been toned down here.

Kluay Thod Nga Kha + Khao Niew MamuangBoth the ‘Kluay Thod Nga Kha‘ (banana fritter with sesame seed) and ‘Khao Niew Mamuang‘ (sticky rice with mango) were a bit too sticky for my liking.

Tom Yum MojitoTo pair with the plethora of Thai delights, even the mojito is specially concocted – Tom Yum flavoured! Weird? Maybe. It’s either you like it (and get a full glass at $10) or you don’t (and down the complimentary shot).

The impressive ‘Spicy Thai’ spread will run at the Line during dinners from now till 26 May. In case you’re beginning to hyperventilate about the removal of your oysters sashimi and whatnot, rest assured that the 16 kitchens will still be serving their usual fare. Prices start at $72 per adult and $36 per child.

The Line

8.5Overall Score

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