MEDZS: Mother’s Day Special

Fretting over where to bring your mum out this Sunday? I’ll share what MEDZS has in store – one of my favourite places which offers solid portions at friendly prices.

Greek XXL Seafood PlatterThis whole XXL seafood platter holds a whopping huge juicy salmon head, grilled king crabs, prawns, mussels, and three different fish fillets – namely sea bass, sea bream, and snapper. The platter also comes with sides like braised tomato aubergine, watercress salad, mashed potatoes, and for $49.80, I’d say it’s SUPER WU HUA (worth it).

French Family Meat PlatterThe meat platter, a dollar cheaper, consists of a myriad of stuffs too – pan-fried duck confit, crispy pork belly, AUS Wagyu beef rump, roasted pork ribs served with sides of green leaf salad and roasted mushrooms and potatoes. This is clearly for true meat lovers. In fact, it has so much meat that we started self-renaming it to “Father’s Day Special” hah. While the meat were pretty nicely done, I’d prefer the seafood platter as it is much lighter.

Desserts PlatterTo end it off sweetly, there’s also a platter for desserts. My favourite favourite has to be the ‘EARL GREY CRÈME BRÛLÉE’! Had it once at the Millenia Walk outlet and it was unforgettable. Other desserts include the lychee rose panna cotta, churros with chocolate sauce, red velvet cake, and chocolate brownie – all for $21.90.

Welcome DrinksAll mums will be treated to a welcome drink of fragrantly concocted lemongrass and orange mocktail.


7.8Overall Score

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