Tim Ho Wan 添好運 @ Plaza Singapura

After trying out two Tim Ho Wan outlets in Hong Kong, I became an instant fan, just like almost every other Singaporean who is seen joining the ridiculous queues at Plaza Singapore.

But thank goodness I got to lay my hands on the food one day before the crowd.

Tim Ho WanDon’t hate me.

Pork Dumpling with ShrimpI mentioned that the Siew Mais in Hong Kong tasted more shrimp than pork, but I think the version here has been tweaked to our local “pork-ish” taste.

Prawn DumplingThese springy Har Gaos is a dim sum must!

Dumpling Teochew StyleThis was unexpectedly good.

Then there are the famous ‘Big 4 Heavenly Kings.’ I’ll rank them from bottom up according to my taste.

#4: ‘Vermicelli Roll with Pig’s Liver’ – I do not take pig’s liver, so I got the one with BBQ pork instead.

Vermicelli Roll with BBQ PorkIt was a disappointment. Skin was thick and there was no power chilli or sauce to go along. The best chee cheong fun in Singapore (IMO) is still the one at Killiney.

Pan-fried Carrot Cake#3: The ‘Pan-fried Carrot Cake’ (tweaked version of the popular ‘Turnip Cake’ in Hong Kong) was deliciously filled with chunks of radish.

Steamed Egg Cake#2: I can never forget the heaven I tasted in Hong Kong. The caramelised taste of the ‘Steamed Egg Cake’ is retained, but it will be better if made even softer.

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork#1: The legendary ‘Baked Bun with BBQ Pork’ is also almost everyone’s #1. People are willing to wait for hours just to chomp into these crumbly buns with saucy char siew oozing from the inside. Comparing again, Hong Kong’s pork buns holds more butter and crisp.

Spring Roll with Egg White
Beef Ball with Beancurd SkinI don’t know if the beancurd skin is supposed to be off.

Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake
Overall prices are steep as expected. A piece of har gao averages out to cost $1.40 and one lor mai gai can go up to $5.

Also, pardon me for constantly mentioning Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong. I can’t help it ’cause I already have a benchmark in my head, so it’s tougher for me to accept the 30% difference. Michelin star Chef Mak explained that its due to the ingredients, equipments, and weather. (Damn humid Singapore!) Majority of the first timers are impressed.

Honestly speaking, given the overhyped situation now, I wouldn’t go for it. I’d most likely just be doing takeaways for the BBQ pork buns (most reasonably priced at 3 for $4.50), and 28 April 2013 will be great to do so as Tim Ho Wan is organising a ‘Bao Day’ – only pork buns will be sold and ALL proceeds will go to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to aid underprivileged children in Singapore. Mark your calendars! It’s for charity!

Tim Ho Wan 添好運

5.3Overall Score

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