Ramen Bar Suzuki

Back then when I first began to accept ramen, Ichibantei and Marutama were like the best that I can get. Recently, more and more ramen places are emerging in the market. I wanted to randomly hunt down one good ramen place – Baikohken, but to my dismay, when I reached North Canal Road (their original location), all I saw was a notice saying that it had relocated to Ngee Ann City. Stuck in the Raffles Place area, I gave a quick call to a friend working there to recommend me anything.

Ramen Bar SuzukiAnd so happened she introduced me to another ramen place – Ramen Bar Suzuki. Apparently its very popular among the office crowd.

Pure White Ramen

Jet Black Ramen

Cardinal Red RamenI totally understood why. The noodles and the soup were so robust, and best part was, everything was customisable – downright to the softness of noodles, spiciness levels, thickness of soup, pork meat, ingredients, etc. Their ‘char siu‘ come in thinner slices compared to the other ramen places, but they’re tender and pretty lean.

Rice, Cabbage, and Homemade DressingsThey also provided free flow rice (if you’re really really hungry), cabbages, dressings, and hard-boiled eggs all free of charge!

Cabbage with Homemade Miso Mayonnaise and Spicy Sesame DressingSimple but refreshing and tasty.

I must try their ‘Tsuke-men‘ (dipping noodles) loaded with fish powder on my next visit. They’re only limited to 10 servings per lunch and dinner so gotta bring out the kiasu spirit!

Ramen Bar Suzuki

8Overall Score

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  1. mayu

    Ramen is my favorite food and I’ve been eating ramens for years in Japan,
    also have been walking around singapore looking for good Ramen restaurant but I totally agree with you!!
    I think Suzuki Ramen is the Best in Singapore.
    especially the soup, its just sooo nice
    I really want them to open in Japan too.


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