{Hong Kong} Oolaa Petite

It was a Tuesday when we checked out Oolaa and timing was on our side again. They were having one for one promotions on Monday and Tuesday dinners!

And so we ordered a salad and a main. Just basing off the fact that both of us are girls, the restaurant deduced that we were going to share.

Oolaa's Cobb SaladThey halved the salad and served it to us in two separate plates without us asking. I was majorly surprised!

Black Angus Steak SandwichSecond surprise was when my friend’s steak patty (I don’t know how) flew out of her plate and landed on the floor when she tried to cut. We told the server about it, and continue eating what’s left. Then out of nowhere, a brand new plate of black angus steak patty was given to us, complimentary.

O M G. The service completely swept us off our feet, which is rare on a promo night, and even rarer in Hong Kong. This one’s a recommendation!

Oolaa Petite

8.5Overall Score

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