{Hong Kong} Lee Yuen Congee Noodles 利苑粥麵專家 {Closed}

We were lucky to have caught the very last day of operation of Lee Yuen Congee Noodles. There were long queues forming on both days that we walked past, and speaking to some locals, this old shop serves humble fare that they grew up with.

Lee Yuen Congee Noodles

Lee Yuen Congee NoodlesStepping into the shop, I could almost feel the same grief as the locals – dining at their favourite eating place for the last time.

Ordered 粥 (congee) and 麵 (noodles) according to what their shop name suggested.

CongeeA taste of “home.”



Lee Yuen Congee NoodlesIn memory of Lee Yuen. They closed down because the rental shot up to an insane amount, and I guess it’s a measure to get rid antique shops like these in the “atas” Causeway Bay area.

Lee Yuen Congee Noodles 利苑粥麵專家 {Closed}

7.2Overall Score

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