Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

For $36.90++ in the day and $49.90++ at night, you get to enjoy free flow fresh quality sashimis and assorted Japanese dishes in à la carte style.

The extra amount that you pay for dinner entitles you to “complimentary” dishes like fresh oysters, king crab, tuna belly, etc; but all these are subject to availability so they might replace with other stuffs.

Complimentary Nama Kaki

Moriwase + Complimentary Teapot SoupI really really enjoyed the teapot soup, but too bad there can only be one serving.

Complimentary Sushi

Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushia

Shin Yuu Special Maki Mono

Aburi Chiizu ButaTorched cheese on top of sushi!

Wafu Steak

Shin Yuu Special Gyu Karubi

Hotate MentaiyakiThere were plenty other dishes that we wanted to try but couldn’t due to our limited stomach capacity and rigid food serving per order (e.g. sushi rolls must come in 6 pieces). So, my advise is, go in a group.

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

6.3Overall Score

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  1. Foodiefc

    oh night one has oysters? I have been there several times, but always for lunch!


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