Dessert First 糖水先

In the area where Chinese dessert shops with weird names unite – Ah Chew (sounds like a sneeze), 记得吃 (remember to eat), Honeymoon Dessert – I stumbled upon another one called Dessert First 糖水先.

Variety is ample and creativity is pretty well played.

Chocolate Shaved IceTopped with bananas, Coco Crunch, and lots of chocolate sauce and powder.

Homemade Pumpkin / Taro Skin Tang Yuan with Chocolate FillingI’m seeing chocolate filling for the first time in ‘Tang Yuan’ and I highly recommend this. You can choose between ginger or longan soup to go with them.

Steamed Milk Egg White with Almond Cream

Dessert First 糖水先

7.2Overall Score

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