Plaza Brasserie @ PARKROYAL on Beach Road II: Festive Celebrations

Christmas is just around the corner (and so is maybe end-of-the-world), so we shall all feast to our hearts’ content hohoho!

Plaza BrasserieOn top of their international buffet spread, Plaza Brasserie has introduced a line-up of treats for everyone.

Roasted Turkey

Pork KnuckleAt the Chef’s “live” cooking station, there’s the traditional ‘Roasted Turkey’ (stuffed with sausage, chestnut and mushroom), ‘Roasted Honey Glazed Ham,’ ‘Pork Knuckles,’ and ‘Roasted Duck’ – all served with homemade sauces.

Pork Knuckle + Roasted Duck
SaladsUsed to avoid this section like plague during buffets ‘cos I think only stupid people will waste their stomach spaces on vegetables, but now as I age, I’m becoming one of these stupid people. The salads served there are generally good and delish – prawns, beef, pumpkin, zucchinis, mushrooms, etc.

Tomato CanapéLove the innovative creation of a big juicy tomato cup filled with (what I suspected as) feta cheese cubes.



DessertsMy favourite section.


Raspberry and Vanilla CheesecakeTheir cheesecakes never fails.

Christmas Log Cake

Christmas Fruit CakeThe festive lunches start from $40++ and dinner $55++.

Plaza Brasserie

6.1Overall Score

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