Kungfu Paradise @ Bugis+

If you’re hunting for a supper place like RIGHT NOW, you can still make it to Kungfu Paradise in time, ’cause they only close at 2am on Saturdays (and Fridays)!

It’s like the best Hong Kong cafe in Singapore IMO and it’s very affordable.

Kungfu Bun

Kungfu Burger

Kungfu SaladThis is a cheap and good replacement for my favourite salad at Spageddies. It’s almost impossible to find salads served with Thai dressing in Singapore because I reckon that the dressing is tedious to make (with so many spices and all). I know Spageddies’ one is made from a scratch, and I’d think this requires much kungfu to make too.

Baked Rice with Chicken Cutlet and Japanese Curry

Steamed Lava Custard BunsALL TIME LOVE.

Prawn Paste Chicken

Kungfu Paradise

5.9Overall Score

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