Fern & Kiwi

Fern & Kiwi – a new (Zealand) bar and eatery has opened its doors in Singapore.

Fern & KiwiWith loud music playing and good-looking servers greeting as we entered the cool dark interiors, I thought to myself, “Yes, I see the bar. But where’s the food?”

That was when we were led to the upper floor, and I liked what I saw immediately.

Fern & KiwiA cottage looking place that was classy yet cosy.

Fern & KiwiThe calm music and soft candlelight finishes the touch.

Vienna Cheese and Garlic Loaf

SlidersThree of the best sliders were served – ‘Cajun Kingfish,’ ‘New Zealand Beef,’ and ‘Venison,’ all trapped between toasted garlic petite brioche buns. They were small, but big enough to let their individuality shine.

Sea Salt and Pepper SquidThis dish totally caught me off guard. What seemed to me like calamari had more to offer, and I think the “seacret” lies in the seasoning – lemon, sweet soy, coriander and chilli dressing.

Impressed, I found out more from the manager that the New Zealanders (or Kiwis as what they call themselves) are crazy over this squid thing. I also learnt that Fern & Kiwi is the first Asian offspring of the legendary restaurant chain Lone Star in New Zealand, where they aim to offer the best their food, beverages, music and service here.

Manuka Smoked Snapper Salad

Canterbury Plains Rack of LambI don’t really fancy lamb but this one’s a pleaser. The meat was cooked till fork-tender and placed delicately on a bed of twice roasted potato mash, finished with mint, pea salsa and port wine jus.

Classic Pork Spare RibsA classic favourite, with presentation reinvented. Instead of serving it flat in the usual full (or half) rack, F&K decided to break the ribs apart stack ’em up – adds aesthetic values and makes sharing much easier. It’s time to get your fingers sticky with these honey BBQ and orange glazed ribs!

Miniature PavlovasFilled with diced kiwis (the fruit) and passion fruit, these meringue cones were more overly-sweet than refreshing to me.

Trio of Mini Ice Cream ConesChocolate, vanilla, and the one that obviously stood out was pineapple.

BeersBack to the bar part, F&K has imported a wide range of New Zealand beers to feed your liver after a hearty meal. They even have wine on tap for eco reasons!

CappuccinoFear not if you’re not an alcohol person. You can always choose to sip on a warm cuppa coffee like me. The New Zealand beans turned out to be surprisingly good by the way.

Fern & Kiwi

8.1Overall Score

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