Chiso Zanmai

Chiso Zanmai

Matcha TofuSolely attracted to a photo of this ‘Matcha Tofu’ that my friend posted on Instagram, I went to try the whole buffet line albeit some not-so-positive comments I had read online.

Turned out, I was pleasantly surprised.


Side Dishes


SalmonBesides the common salmon sashimi that you see at every other buffet, Chiso Zanmai did nice tweaks and served salmon in five different styles, of which my favourites are ‘Lomi-Lomi Salmon Marinated with Lemon Soy Sauce’ and ‘Marinated Salmon Yukke Style.’

Mixed SaladThe best part about a Japanese buffet is that they seem “healthier” with all these greens.

Broad Bean with Sesame Tofu Paste

Shoyu Ramen

Hokkaido Ishikari-Nabe

TeppanOsaka stuffs which I don’t really fancy.

Fresh Tuna with Grated Yam

Deep Fried Yam with Flavoured Pork
Agedashi Tofu + Braised Squid with White RadishSquid and radish don’t look like much but it was a super yummy combi.

Last but not least, matcha lovers, welcome to heaven.

Matcha Swiss Rolls

Matcha Egg Tarts

Black Sesame Mont Blanc Tarts

Matcha Warabimochi

Matcha TiramisuOther desserts were good too. In fact, the entire buffet variant was fantastic for its price, and they change their menu every month. (The menu you see here is actually June’s. *Flashes guilty look.)

Lunch costs $14.90++ on weekdays and $19.90++ on weekends, while dinner is an addtional of $10 (which is $24.90++ and $29.90++ respectively).

Chiso Zanmai

6.6Overall Score

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