Roadhouse II

RoadhouseHaving been to Roadhouse twice for weekend brunches, I decided I should make use of their super value for money weekday set lunches to try new stuffs – $22 for 2-course and $25 for 3-course.

Josper-Grilled Squid SaladExpected the least out of my virgin attempt on a squid salad, but it turned out tasting really refreshing.

Taco Salad‘Salad’ is just a cover-up name for this sinful yet satisfying starter – baked taco shell overloaded with lettuce, tomatoes, celery, avocado, bolognese sauce, pinto beans, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

For mains, they have my favourite brunch dish that is a must-order every time I’m at Roadhouse.

Eggs RoyaleNever failed me. ‘Eggs Royale’ (the smoked salmon version of ‘Eggs Benedict’) is priced at $17 on the à la carte menu.

Mushroom Melt BurgerTopped up $4 for the wagyu beef mushroom burger that came laying in a pool of perfect fries.

Cranberry & Walnut Brownie

S'more Ice Cream CakeWas very tempted by the ‘S’more Ice Cream Cake’ since the previous visit but couldn’t bear to part $12 for it. (Now you know why I said the set lunch is value for money.) I’m so happy that we got to choose REAL desserts for lunch, unlike most restaurants that simply entertain you with a scoop of ice cream or puny pieces of cakes.

Definitely worth every cent for the hearty amount of food served! And for variety’s sake, Roadhouse changes their set lunch menu fortnightly.


8.8Overall Score

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