Marukin Ramen {Closed}

Side DishesFrom the front to the (blurry) back – ‘Original Potato Salad,’ ‘Hiyayakko‘ (chilled tofu with chilli soy sauce), and ‘Marukin Gyoza‘ (signature homemade chicken dumplings).

Wait a minute, chicken dumplings? Aren’t Gyozas made from pork?

KaraageThat’s the thing about Marukin Ramen. Everything is chicken based – ‘Karaage‘ to ‘Chashyu‘ to the ramen soup even!

With four different kinds of 6-hour slow cooked chicken broths (‘Shio,’ ‘Miso,’ ‘Shoyu White,’ and ‘Shoyu Clear’), it is good news for those who are jaded from the Tonkatsu laden broths, plus our Muslim friends in the near future (as Marukin Ramen is on their way to obtaining their Halal license).

TsukemenTsukemen‘ literally means “dipping noodles”, and it’s my first time seeing ramen served in this manner – with warm sauce.

Shyo ISSAI-GASSAI RamenI love saying this ‘ISSAI-GASSAI‘ thing, which if I’m not wrong, means “everything altogether.” Really lor! There’s ‘Chashyu,’ meat balls, chicken wing, shrimp wanton, mushrooms, green onions, seaweed, a shiok soy egg, finished off with a light dash of sesame seeds. This was the heartiest bowl of the night.

Shio Wakame & Corn RamenUltrathin ramen noodles with seaweed, corn, mushrooms, and green onions. If you think this sounds veggie enough, wait till you see the next one.

Spicy Negi Negi Miso RamenOverloaded with leek, mushrooms, and a heap of green onions! Apparently, the Japanese love this. It has an rather acquired taste but was still acceptable to me. However, I can never bring myself to pay $13.90 for a bowl of onions.

In fact, I don’t think I will pay that kind of price ($9.90 – $17.90) for Marukin Ramen, which positions itself as a fast food ramen restaurant.

Nevertheless, if you’re intrigued by the chicken broth, do make your penny worthwhile by saying “Marukin Ramen! OISHII!” when ordering a main and you’ll receive a free side of..

Deep Fried Vegetables in Dashi Sauce..this! Doesn’t look too photogenic but tastes pretty oishii.

Note: All ramens look small because they’re tasting portions.

Marukin Ramen {Closed}

2.3Overall Score

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