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The #CookForFamily is an initiative started by a blogger to bloggers, with one obvious objective. When Daniel (the mastermind) from Daniel’s Food Diary mentioned about the increasing rates of dining out due to busy schedules, I pleaded guilty instantly.

I want to #CookForFamilySo, after much hesitation, I decided to take on the challenge and do something meaningful for my family, and the best time seemed to be the weekend just before my brother’s enlistment.

In the Making #CookForFamilyAttempted my first ‘Eggs Benedict’ ever. (During the making of my previous homemade version I was only responsible for giving eye power LOL so I was completely clueless.)

In the Making #CookForFamilyMelted cheddar cheese on top of burger buns, laid black pepper smoked salmon, boiled cherry tomatoes and asparagus as sides – which seems all pretty easy until the I started poaching eggs and making hollandaise sauce. I wasted three eggs (you can spot a failed one in the above photo) before arriving at my first successful poached egg, but thereafter, I started failing on and off again.

Eggs Benedict #CookForFamilyThese are my two best poached eggs, drizzled with hollandaise HORRENDOUS sauce (watery and all), but I didn’t had time to remake as the food was turning cold and my everyone including the cook was getting hungry. Despite losing out on the sauce part, the overall combination of taste and colours made this dish a winner.

Potatoes #CookForFamilyBaking potatoes are too much of a hassle, so I boiled and topped them with sour cream and bacon tips. Healthier and still quite nice leh!

Mum made no waste to the failed poached eggs. With just a quick dash of wits, sugar and longans, she whipped up dessert for us within minutes!

Egg Tong Shui #CookForFamilyTadah! One of the traditional Cantonese desserts – ‘Egg Tong Shui‘ (鸡蛋糖水).

For dinner that day, I lost another virgin attempt to a pasta dish – Squid Ink Linguine. I was so elated when I bought that packet of black pasta months ago in Italy, but after returning to Singapore, my mum spotted squid ink pastas selling in FairPrice Finest too -.-

Squid Ink Linguine #CookForFamilyMy non-al dente pasta (most likely overcooked) with random ingredients like chicken breast pieces, white mushrooms and leftover asparagus from the morning’s eggs ben. It looks pretty bland and gross until I added the squid ink pasta sauce which I found in Medi-ya at the very last minute.

Squid Ink Linguine #CookForFamilyThe pasta sauce revived the whole dish instantly, but there’s much more room for improvement – getting the correct timing for pasta and using squid rings and seafood as ingredients to bring out the taste.

#CookForFamilyFaces of my appreciative and don’t-mind-taking-unglam-black-mouth-photos family! :D

Cost of ingredients: $45+.
Cooking time: 3 hours+.
Cooking method: By heart.
Serves: 4.
Family warmth: Priceless.

Honestly, there’re no recipes to follow except for the hollandaise sauce part; the rest is rather freeplay so you can totally get creative. Everyone who enjoys dining out should find a day and try to #CookForFamily too! It is rewarding and makes you appreciate food and your mum better :)

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