Brownice @ Thomson

Stumbled across this new ice cream place while doing random surfing, and their ingredients immediately caught my attention.

Made with organic brown rice milk (instead of regular cow milk), Brownice’s ice creams are dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, and all-natural. With such a “healthy” checklist, thoughts of bland and tasteless started forming in my head. Nonetheless, I was determined to find out for myself.

Pumpkin Coconut + Peanut Butter CaramelTurned out their ice creams were all very rich and flavourful! And each of them taste so good I ended up with three scoops (‘Dark Chocolate’ hidden underneath) plus a pint to take home.

Gone was Icekimo, and now we have Brownice in replacement. It is a perfect getaway from the overcrowded ice cream parlours in Thomson area.


7.6Overall Score

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