Further in along the stretch of Udders and Kim’s (a Korean restaurant), hides another (better IMO) Korean restaurant called Woori-nara.

Side DishesAs usual, Korean side dishes are refillable!

JokbalTo be honest, this plate of ‘Jokbal‘ (pork trotters) put me off at first sight. But after hearing from the owner, the meat is actually lean and non-oily (because they’re boiled), but of course, you may still remove the skin at your own discretion.

The eating method is similar to most Korean BBQ meats – laying a slice of pork trotter on top of the lettuce; adding garlic, raw green chilli, and (in this case) kimchi; then finally wrapping everything up like a.. lettuce case(?) and munch. Hahah.

Ginseng Chicken SoupServed piping hot with a mini gas cooker.

La TofuThis ‘La Tofu’ is created by the owner and is exclusive to Woori-nara only. Whipped up using the two healthiest food – tofu and kimchi, it certainly was a hit among the ladies.

Naeng-myeonThe ‘Naeng-myeon‘ sounds like 凉面 in Mandarin, which means cold / chilled noodles. My first time trying the traditional Korean version and I love the softness of the buckwheat noodles together with the simplicity of the beef broth.


Chicken SamplerThe Korean style chicken is their signature dish, and also my favourite dish. They come in ‘Original’ – very crispy and plain without any sauce, ‘Yum Yum’ – served with a slightly spicy and sweet sauce, ‘Soya Garlic’ – glazed with a sweet salty sauce, and ‘Volcano’ – apparently the most spicy of all. The sampler is made up of three boneless pieces from each flavour except for the ‘Volcano’. There was also this homemade mustard to give these chicken an extra kick!

HaemuljeonPancake with seafood and vegetables.

Rice Cake

Budae-jjigaeBudae-jjigae‘ literally translates to “army base stew,” in which Budae sounds like 部队 in Mandarin (which also means army). This dish interestingly originated from the Korean War, when people had little to eat so they combined leftover Spam and hot dogs from U.S. Army facilities with ramen and whatever else was available in a large pot and boiled.

The modern ‘Budae-jjigae‘ we had today also consisted of beef, vegetable, and cheese. It was goooood. Sometimes the best comfort food comes in the simplest forms.

Woori-nara Korean Restaurant

7.8Overall Score

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