Perkies {Closed}

I enjoy walking and snacking at the same time, and a well thought out packaging that allows easy portability really goes a long way.

Perkies has no problems in this aspect at all. In fact, they even went out of the box and headed towards the cone, which I thought was a creative and brilliant idea!

Onion RingsFits perfectly in your hand! These huge rings, made from real onions (not mashed up junk that most snack stall uses) are light and crispy. I think it’s a result from their secret specialty batter (made fresh daily) and the non-hydrogenated trans fat-free sunflower oil used.

Cheeky ChicksMy #2 favourite. We often see fried chickens snacks done the Taiwanese style but Perkies did it the Thai way. Marinated with 9 authentic herbs and spices, these aromatic chicken pieces are sure-kill when combined with the homemade Thai Chilli.

Corn PuppiesMy #1 favourite – triplet babies of the corn dogs! I don’t know whether it’s the sausages, the sweet cornmeal crust, or the tangy Tomaustard (tomato sauce + mustard), (or maybe it’s all!) but the taste landed on me with a huge huge impact. If I wasn’t feeling so bloated that day, I swear I would’ve gone for another round.

Tots & CrispsHash browns and chips made from a scratch. That’s good news to all the potato lovers out there!

Though everything on the menu is deep-fried, the amazing part is that none of them taste greasy at all! (Which makes indulgence less guilty muahaha.)

Mojito Iced Tea + Fizzy LycheeMy first love encounter with “juice balls” was with a snow ice dessert at Mei Heong Yuen, and today, I found them lurking at the bottom of Perkies’ ‘Fizzy Lychee’ drink! (You can’t really tell from the photo but they’re there alright.) Oh my gosh you have no idea how excited I was when each lychee juice ball burst in my mouth as I sip the light fragrant soda.

Mojito Iced TeaAnother refreshing drink which mimics the famous cocktail, retaining the lime and mint leaves but less the rum and replaced with freshly brewed tea. I am a non-alcoholic person, so I like it.

The ONLY sad part about Perkies is their far-off location at Changi (EXPO station), but because their snacks are so good I am willing to travel down just to savour them again. Meanwhile, I pray for the opening of another outlet somewhere nearer to town.

Perkies {Closed}

7.3Overall Score

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