Oriole Coffee Roasters

Oriole Coffee RoastersOpened by Oriole Cafe & Bar.

Oriole Coffee RoastersA perfect blend of old school and modern. Who knew they could go so well?

Oriole Coffee Roasters

Oriole Coffee Roasters

Oriole Coffee RoastersNow you know how long I take to write a post. Well, sometimes it takes much longer than that hahaha.


Oriole Set + Toast with Truffled Scrambled EggsThe ‘Oriole Set’ is like a traditional kaya toast set served with atas coffee instead. While on the other plate, the only lavish item was the truffled scrambled eggs, but I still find it unworthy to pay $8.50 for those eggs + plain butter toast + three slices of raw tomatoes (not even grilled)!

For that price, I’d rather get three sets of solid traditional breakfast at Tong Ah in the vicinity.

Cappuccino + LatteCoffee was however, very good.

Oriole Coffee Roasters

7.5Overall Score

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  1. me.dha

    agreed that food-wise.. maybe not worth it but the coffee is really good. a second choice would be a cup from The Plain just around the corner (craig road).


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