12-inch Pizzas & Records

12-inch Pizzas & Records

12-inch Pizzas & RecordsMenu on a record!

Cheese FriesA plate of hot crispy fries served in flood of cheddar cheese.

Roasted Duck + Black Pepper Crab PizzaHalf-and-half!

12-inch Pizzas & Records (by Timbre Group) is a great place to get your ‘Roasted Duck Pizza’ fix less the live band, which makes the whole setting a much more peaceful one. Perfect if you just wanna chit chat and catch up with your friends.

With an outlet away from town with home delivery services, it seems more much easier now to let my family have a taste of Timbre’s awesome pizzas. (Because I can’t imagine bringing my parents to listen to Goodfellas lol.)

12-inch Pizzas & Records

7.8Overall Score

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