Papa Palheta {Relocated}

Coffee to me has always tasted more or less the same. I mean, I can tell the difference between a good roast and a bad roast, but so far none has really left a huge imprint in my memory.

Until.. I discovered Papa Palheta.

Papa PalhetaApparently they had been around for almost three years but I’ve only came to know of them recently.

I was having a very bad day on my first attempt to visit Papa Palheta – heavy rain; lost my way; finally arrived but couldn’t find the entrance (gotta go in through the backdoor); drenched; cold; hungry; weird stares; no menu. NO MENU. I didn’t know it wasn’t a cafe. It was actually a boutique store selling coffee machines and beans, but you can get a sample of their coffee there and tip them accordingly.

Papa Palheta

Papa PalhetaBut with a chillax setting like that with indoor and outdoor seating, how can anyone not think that it’s a cafe on first look?

Anyway, we went ahead and ordered a sample of latte and cappuccino.

LatteOne sip, and I was sent up to heaven.

And it definitely wasn’t the results of my hunger, because I’ve returned to Papa many times after and the coffee is still as stupendous. Full bodied with the silkiest froth.

CappuccinoIt’s official. I’m hooked.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar {New}

9.5Overall Score

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