MEDZS @ Millenia Walk

About one year after the very first MEDZS, comes a second MEDZS at Millenia Walk!

The same cashless dining concept remains but everything else is jazzed up. With a brand new crowd to cater to, there are additions to the food menu as well as extensions to the operating hours and an extra alfresco dining area.

Escargo AioliThese escargots taste as sophisticated as they look. I love how the sauce was rich yet not overpowering – a great appetiser to start the ball rolling.

Rosti with Cured SalmonThe rosti in MEDZS now comes with more choices of toppings! We had the cured salmon one.

Pork Belly

Lamb ShankMutton is usually tricky because it’s either a hit or miss. Though the overall composition of the dish was good (mashed potatoes, beetroot, carrots, sauce), it was still a miss for me because of the strong mutton smell.

KakaviaI much prefer the ‘Kakavia‘ which is a fusion of fresh salmon, sea bass and mussels soaked in yummy saffron cream sauce.

Octopus PaellaThe “black rice” is just oh-so-fragrant! They should ditch the (rubbery tasteless) octopus from the dish and name it ‘Squid Ink Paella’ instead!

Cyprio Pork & Coriander BurgerSoft buns; REAL thick juicy pork patty; crispy chunky fries. Burgers are totally alien to MEDZS and I’m thankful they did a decent job.

Wild Mushroom PizzaRacheal insisted on ordering the ‘Wild Mushroom Pizza’ (outside of the tasting menu) and I can see why. The super thin crust and the “healthy” toppings are good for deluding weight-conscious diners hah!

Baklava Ice CreamThe vanilla ice cream balances the sweet layers of filo pastry, while the chopped pistachios add a dash of texture.

Lychee Rose Panna Cotta

Earl Grey Creme BruleeI’ve never seen variations played on crème brûlées until my recent encounter with a chocolate one but this was even more surprising – earl grey! I loveeeee earl grey and this did not disappoint. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we ordered another portion despite our exploding stomachs.


Good food should not lack the accompaniment of good beverages as well. MEDZS has a wide selection of coffees, juices, smoothies, and beers. The 5% bar is heaven to beers from all over the world. Football lovers will definitely love the idea of grabbing a few bottles and head out to the alfresco area to enjoy a live match on the large projector screens during football seasons.


7.3Overall Score

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