Loysel’s Toy

After being hooked to Papa Palheta‘s coffee, we are happy to know that they actually own a cafe called Loysel’s Toy selling the same great coffee and food with a proper menu.

Eggs Benedict on Toast

Fluffy Duo Pancakes

Pork Sausage

Earl Grey CakeWe all got damn high after tasting this aromatic ‘Earl Grey Cake’! If only I knew it isn’t a permanent menu item, I would have ordered a few more slices to takeaway on that very visit.

The rest of their food items were pretty average. COFFEE IS DA BOMB.



Loysel’s Toy

6.8Overall Score

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  1. tabbulous

    Had a chance to sample the menu before it was launched last year and then after – that earl grey cake looks divine, hoping maybe I can put in a special request next time I’m back in town.

    Love your blog! Will be keeping a close eye so I know where I can go on my next visit!

    • Lazy Foodies
      Lazy Foodies

      Yes it is divine! I hope they accept special requests ‘cos they told me it was the cake-of-the-month but I do not want to wait one year for it to rotate back to June D:

      Thanks Tabitha! I’ll keep posting!


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