Group Therapy Cafe

Weekend brunches are love.

Poached EggsEggs, toast, salmon, trickling with cheese and hollandaise sauce.

I really appreciate it when a place puts heart into their breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day. Group Therapy Cafe changes their weekend brunch items constantly deducing from their dated menu which looks like it came out from a home printer (but I don’t really care).

Croque Madame‘Croque Madame’ is something new to me and there are many variations to it. Ours was two slices of French toast sandwiching smoked ham, melted cheese, bacon and mayo served with a sunny side up and couscous salad.

Oh, I love couscous! But I realise a lot people have no clue what it is because my friends were so amazed when I told them. Couscous is actually a kind of (very small) grain and it’s one of the staples in western North Africa. I had my first encounter with it at Nando’s and it sucked so bad that I swore myself off this dish. I was later a convert after trying the couscous at MEDZS (with much persuasion).

Roasted Almond LatteAromatic almond latte.

TGIF and great weekends ahead everybody!

Group Therapy Cafe

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